Looking for the right people and expertise?


From the engine room to the board room, we will search, identify and deliver.

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Our networks and connections are significant. We feel certain you will quickly see we can unpack what people will best suit your business, skill and culture requirements in this current climate. We know where to look.  Our knowledge of key sectors, leaders and current and future high performers, across all levels of business is what sets us apart. Our researching, screening, interviewing and assessment systems and tools are designed to ensure we dig deep and understand the candidates we present to you.

Remember though, you are in charge, and we are here to help you find, keep and grow. We want to make sure we tailor your people search strategy and plan so it aligns with your commercial and organisational needs. A cookie cutter – one size fits all approach gets you nowhere. Understanding who you are and what specific pressures and demands you are facing right now in your business is crucial. Spending time to get to know our clients is a huge part of what we do.

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Looking for the right role or executive appointment?


If you are a candidate looking for a new role or maybe just considering your options, we will help you understand this market. It can be hard to navigate in uncertain times.

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Make no bones about it, we love searching for the best. Finding means finding out about you; what you want; what you need, and where you are heading. That baseline knowledge is essential to success; for entities needing the right people, and for job seekers looking for the next move.  Populous People is about the best move, not just any move.

We have connections to some of regional NZ’s favourite employers. We can’t always go looking for a role for you. Timing is everything, but by registering with us and giving us the chance to understand what you looking for, we give you our assurance we will do out level best to link you to opportunities we think you align with and are keen to be considered for. If you are not successful, we hope our feedback and support will help you next time.

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